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– Baby's First Car Seat –

Seatbelts Were NOT Designed For Pregnant Women

By saving Mom, it will be applying deadly force to your belly, crushing your unborn child. 

Protect Your Little One

The BellyShield™ attachment instantly removes ALL pressure from your baby bump! 

Enjoy Having Peace of Mind

Feel confident with BellyShield™, knowing you're doing EVERYTHING you can to keep your precious cargo safe.

Enjoy Having Peace of Mind

Feel confident with BellyShield™, knowing you're doing EVERYTHING you can to keep your precious cargo safe.

Belly Shield™ Positioner

BellyShield Seat Belt Attachment


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Adapts to securely fit seats and mothers of all shapes and sizes.


Simple but elegant design. Installs in less than a minute. No tools required! 


Simple but elegant design. Installs in less than a minute. No tools required! 

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Why haven't I heard about this?

Driving while pregnant is the most unaddressed stage of child passenger safety. Over 3,000 pregnancies are lost every year due to car accidents, which is 39x the number of infants killed in car crashes.

Part of our mission is to raise awareness. 

Every mother spends thousands on car seats once their child is born, but most pregnant women are unaware of the danger posed by the standard seatbelt. 

That's why we created BellyShield™ - it's your baby's FIRST car seat.

How does it work? 

It is an attachment that connects to your standard seatbelt and converts it from a 3-point lap and shoulder belt into a 4-point harness system (like a race car driver). In the event of a car crash or emergency stop, it re-directs all of the force away from the belly and onto the thigh's instead, keeping your unborn baby safe!

We do whatever it takes to keep our baby's safe. We designed the BellyShield™ to help mom's do just that!

What does it do?

1.) Most moms find the seatbelt extremely uncomfortable during their pregnancy. Some find it so intrusive that they choose to “play the odds” and not wear a seatbelt at all. The BellyShield™ solves this problem by taking the pressure off of your growing stomach.

2.) The BellyShield™ makes driving while pregnant safer for your unborn child. It is designed to take the crash or sudden breaking energy off of the stomach and redirect it to the thighs instead, eliminating the possibility of the lap portion of the seatbelt causing injury to the fetus, uterus, placenta or the placenta/uterine interface.

Do I really need a special seatbelt?

YES. The sad reality is that the conventional 3-point lap & shoulder belt was not designed for (or required to be tested for) it’s effects on pregnant women or their unborn child. 

The standard seatbelt was made to secure the occupant in the car by engaging the hip bones, which is a huge problem for mother-to-be's.

During the start of the second trimester, your baby moves about and in front of your hip bones, directly beneath the seatbelt. So when you're in an accident, or even a sudden stop, the belt compresses with extreme speed and force, disturbing or even crushing your baby.

To date, the official recommendation by the medical field is to wear the lap belt "below your belly, touching your thighs, and low and snug on your hip bones."

But that isn't enough to keep your baby safe. Several independent studies have found that in an accident, the lap belt will still cause injury to the fetus, even if the mother is not injured at all. 

Is this a certified product?

Much like when car seats (or even seat belts) first went to market, as of right now, there are no Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that address testing a product like the BellyShield™

Sometimes it takes innovative products to inspire regulations. 

But the fact is that seatbelts also DO NOT have to pass any pregnancy-related safety standards, so NOT using the BellyShield™ is just as much of a judgment call.

Can I use it in the back seat?

Yes, as long as you can wrap the BellyShield™ strap around the seat. 

Is it just for pregnant women?

It was initially designed for pregnant women, but there are many other times when using the it will give the user added comfort and safety while driving. 

These include medical procedures and conditions like: c-section, hysterectomy, hernia, gall bladder, gastric bypass surgery, tummy tuck, or any other stomach surgery or abdominal condition requiring protection. 


We know what it’s like to want to do EVERYTHING in your power to keep our loved ones safe. If you don't it, we'll refund you.